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Trailed Mower-conditioner KUHN FC 283 TG

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First mower-conditioner. Always been old-school; mow, tedder, tedder, rake, bale, if all goes well. It never does. Now I'm trying to save trips around the field. There are lots of settings on the KUHN which control the degree of conditioning. I'm hoping to get 2 rye grass cuts then a trash cut of fescue and native bermuda. Any advice on how hard to condition the rye grass and then the trash cut? What are you looking for when you pick up the conditioned grass to tell if that is about right? The speed of the fingers can be adjusted. The height of the hood can be adjusted. I figured you guys could save me some time and money with some experience? Any advice appreciated!

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Rye Grass Conditioning In GA

Difficult to get rye grass dry this time of year in GA. Turn conditioner to full conditioning and get the tedder out. Even with heavy conditioning, you will have to turn it over at least once.
That is what I observe. They us the mower conditioner and it makes kind of real wide wind rows and the next day they use a tedder and spread it out again. Then they rake it the next day or maybe 2 and roll it up in round bales.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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