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Transplanting a transaxle from an old LX176 with a K60 or K61 into an L125 with a K46. It's okay, just call me a butcher.
My biggest question is, "Why is the pulley so small (3") on the k46 with a 20hp v-twin verses a 6" pulley on the lx176 with a 14hp single? That alone would seem to me to cause a lugging, heat building scenario in the transaxle.
I'm well aware that by changing anything from absolute factory specifications makes me the sole manufacturer and liable for any consequences of my doings. Warranty expired years ago and no one else will ever own this machine as long as I am alive. When I get finished playing with it I'll shoot it and sell it for scrap.
Instead of trying to take the unit apart. I will reverse the throw on the linkage with a lever with the fulcrum in the middle and attach the rod to the transaxle on one end and the rod to the pedals on the other end.
The belt on the newer mower is a lot longer. Probably because the driven pulley is more forward of the axle and bolt flange. I couldn't believe the axles are about twice the size of the k46
My transaxle is split where the axle goes through. I don't know if this screen shot was from a reliable source?


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