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It's much easier to see the hydro fluid if you add the MT3668 (John Deere Part Number) red dye to it. Not only does it make the sight glass reading easier, its also obvious should you have a leak to know if its the Low Vis hydro fluid. The very small jar of dye will treat 5 gallons of hydro fluid. Make sure to rinse the jar with Hydro fluid so you get all of it out of the small glass jar it comes in.

If the fluid level is showing that close on the sight glass when the FEL is raised, I would be inclined to take out no more than 1 pint at a time. If you have a fluid service coming up soon in the operating hours, you may want to wait until the service to treat the fluid as you need to treat the new fluid in order to keep the red dye treatment in the fluid.

Also, you could calculate the fluid volume contained in the lift cylinders to determine the specific amount to remove. The internal diameter of the lift cylinders x their travel length will give you a close estimate of the fluid volume needed to fully expand the lift cylinders. This is why I think The Duke's estimate of a quart is probably the maximum you would need to remove to get the fluid at the correct level.

When i service the machine, I always measure the fluid I add using a clear plastic kitchen measuring container which holds 2 quarts. Keep track as you refill as its hard to get the correct level if you try to fill the system until is shows the correct level on the sight glass or dip stick. It takes a lot to reach the minimum full line and not much more to be overfilled. By measuring as you refill, you will get real close and know when you have reached the right fluid level.

Good luck.......
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