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Trying to identify the brand/model of this disc

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Disk Harrow resembles a Tufline. What's written on what appears to be ID tag? If my guess is correct call (662) 328-8347 for parts info.


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The guy selling it is about 2 hours away and says it doesn't have any identifiable markings. At least 10 years old
It would be interesting to see what's stamped on that tag in photo below.


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If the price is right.... I'd grab that in an instant...
Worth every bit of 800 +++++up here.

Bought one nearly Identical for the neighbor last year for 260.....No brainer

That one looks very similar to my Frontier unit in the way the angle of the disc's works.
Pics won't blow up

Looks like it may have grease fittings.

Disc scrapers are a huge Plus if it has a Grand +

They typicly don't have bearings but rather bushings that the gear spins on.

Look for slop

Take a couple long 4x4's with you so you can pry it off the ground in each corner and see how the discs spin /slop ,etc.

I think your good at 450....perhaps you'll find some points of disscussion to bring it down a touch.

Reality is...your gonna drag it through Dirt and it won't care.

A new similar deere unit is 2k+ iirc

Paint is cheap if you want Green.
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It appears from close-up inspection of photo's that this disk has white iron brgs that require regular greasing to keep from wearing rapidly


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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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