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Hi, I am pulling m hair out trying to work out what is wrong.
Inside the box, around the pump unit, there are two IDF valves. Supposedly pressing against them is a cam plate with two grooves in it. Behind the cam plate is a "jerky plate", which I believe is supposed to press against the cam plate. There is a notch in the upper and lower main casings into which the jerky plate lits loosely. I believe that that plate is supposed to press against the cam plate, but it doesn't. There is about a 4mm gap, plus, I believe it is supposed to push the cam plate towards the machined aluminium block which is the core of the transmission.

Q: Am I missing a spring or spacer from behind the jerky plate ? There is nothing shown on the exploded parts diagram for the transmission.
Q: What gap is there supposed to be between the main block and the cam plate ?

Thanks in advance
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