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Two row planters

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Is the 209 the only 2 row pull type planter that John Deers built?
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Do you mean the 290:

There were a few the 246/247 and 70/71 come to mind...the 70 & 71 were unit type so I dont know how Deere sold em back in the day.
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Yes 290. Im looking at buying one (2 row planter) not sure what model it is. Its got a hydrolic cylinder on it. All the pics of a 290 I've seen non of them have that. Any ideas what it might be?
Without pics, I couldnt even venture a guess...there are so many possibilites.

Is it a "Factory" setup?
Ill have pics up tonight. Yes it looked factory, but then again I didn't look real hard just assumed.
Yeah with pics we'll be able to help...
Heres a Deere 7000 that has been cut a "Degree" it could be considered factory, but there was never a 2 row 7000 planter offered.
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Yeah I've seen those plus I have a 4 row 7000 so I know its not one of those.
Looks to be a lister planter...And from the pics...nice shape to boot!

As far as worth...thats a little tougher. What you gonna do with it? Use it or show it? If your gonna use it, I'd only say go cheap as you can (obviously :lol:) because if you gotta chase down parts, it gets expensive quick. From the pics, it appears to be in decent shape and pretty much all there, so thats a plus. If it were down the road from me, Id probably try to be in the 200/250 range.
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I plan on using it food plots and things. Thank you for all your help. I was thinking the same around 200. Do you know if what plates they might use? Where might I find a manual for it? I have a whole bunch of 494 planter plates would they work?
Manuals....Best place for an original would be eBay. There are also a few "Reprinters" out there that offer reprinted versions.
Plates...I believe that all the JD Planters utilize the same I think your 494 plates will be fine.
Good. Well thanks again for all your help.
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