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Loosen the nuts on the front draft/control arm. If they are too tight you will never get the clearance for the flippers to flip up. I have my set showing 1/2 inch of thread towards the front but your results may vary as the turnbuckle settings influence the front. Played around with it and anytime I had less than a 1/2 inch, the flippers wouldn't flip up.

If you can't loosen the front arm you can remove the bolts going through eyebolts holding the autoconnect to the tractor lift mechanism. Other option is to put a 2x4 under the deck and lower it and remove the pins in the turnbuckle. Either way once you have the autoconnect disconnected from the tractor lift mechanism you can back off the deck.

Final advice, put the tractor in neutral when you lower the deck down after releasing the gauge wheels. When the tractor is in neutral lowering the deck pushes the tractor backwards a little.
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