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unable to remove my 60d deck

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I'm trying to removed the auto connect mower deck from my 2020 1025r. I cannot release the left rocker lever (drivers side) to remove the deck. The right side is free and as expected. I'm on level ground, deck directly on ground, pto set to rear and followed the manual instructions, watched videos etc. This should be easy. What am I missing ? I'd appreciate the help

thank you
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It might be hanging up on the PTO shaft coupler, I think the set screw in the male side sometimes backs out causing it to hang up. Mine was doing that because the dealer didn't locktite it when they did the setup and it damaged the autoconnect coupler, they quickly came and picked up my tractor and fixed it under warranty.
This is the pin he's talking about.


The new decks don't have pins. There's a latch on each side that needs to be flipped up to remove the deck.

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Yeah, it's in the storage hole in this pic.
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