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RSA Mounting Plates for John Deere tractors 3120, 3320, 3520, 3720, 4105 Tractors W/O Cab.

I sold the backhoe I used with my 3120 Tractor so I no longer need the mounts.

Get ahold of me and we can figure an exact shipping amount based on your address. Or you can pick them up in person, I am located in central IL.

Let me know if any questions thanks

UPDATE 6/10/21 - I still have these for sale. I think some folks tried to message me, I tried to respond to the message but got some error saying since I am a "new Green Tractor user and I have reached my message limit", and it wouldn't let me reply. I also have an Ebay auction active on these. Just search for LVB25611 on Ebay and you'll find me, so you can contact me on there as well. Thanks

UPDATE 9/21/2021 - the plates have been sold. Thanks everyone
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