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Update on the 3pt Hitch Adapter

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Hi All,

The design has finally been completed and a set of prototype plates have been cut and welded up. It was a lot of work getting just this far.

It is looking like it's going to be made as a QUICK Hitch adapter, not a "3pt adapter", per se, at least initially anyway. Why? Because of the same reasons 3pt implements often have to be converted for mounting to a Quick Hitch. Since lower pin widths can vary greatly, it will be expensive to make an adapter that will accommodate the variations. However, it should be manageable to design for Quick Hitches because their mounting dimensions are more standardized.

Anyway, even though they are cost prohibitive, these prototype 3pt hitch plates came out very nicely. I will get some pictures of the assembly soon. And hopefully I will be able to include some trials shots as well!
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Good stuff Chris, I look forward to seeing the pictures.
Sounds like a very interesting product, I'm intrigued to see the final product! :thumbup1gif:
I was hoping to have some photos of the landscape rake attached, but in true form of switching implements over to quick hitches, the bushings that came with the Speeco don't fit far enough onto the rake's lower pins for the spring dowels to pass through the holes. I'll either have to get some different bushings or change the pins on the rake when I get a chance.

In any case here are a few pics of the hitch adapter! Please keep in mind that this prototype is not likely to be the finished product and as you can see, it is right off of the welding table. This design was originally intended to be used as a 3pt hitch adapter which could vary in width for different attachments while the quick hitch adapter is more likely going to be a solid plate. The cost of this two piece design would be something over $300, which seemed far too high for what it does. Any thoughts on this are welcome.

One thing I can say is that this adapter is solid as a rock. It's 3/8" thick steel and very easy to mount and restrain, using just two pins. I really can't wait to put it to work (if I can ever get the time!)


Nice product! I'm assuming this would work with all the quick hitches not just the Speeco, correct?
I am having a hard time figuring out what this would be good for. I can't think of any 3 pt attachments I would like using on the front of a tractor. Would this be just so we could have a way to lift the attachments and store them on a rack/shelves?

On another note. When you have finished this design, what's next? Grapple?

Thanks, this adapter is intended to accept quick hitches that comply with the ASAE Category 1 standard 278.6, as illustrated in the PDF attached.


The two initial uses that drove this design were being able to use a landscape rake on the front of the machine as well as a rear blade, such as for snow handling. The sky is the limit for other applications, such as an aerator in my own case.

I would get much more use out of my own landscape rake if I could use it to sculpt hillsides and other landscaping work. Having some down pressure on it will be a big help for leveling large high spots and being able to control tilt angle will be a boon. I also figure on using it with the tines spun around and driving forward to clean trails with ease.

However, as you mention, it could definitely be useful for storing and retrieving implements as well.

I can't commit too much to what is coming next but a grapple is definitely going to be on the menu.


I finally had a chance to switch out the lower 3pt pins on the landscape rake and get the quick hitch bushings installed on it. Then I put the sytem to the test and it's just as terrific as I had hoped. You can rake backwards, then push the pile back forwards to smooth it out by changing the angle a bit. You can also increase the angle, apply a small amount of down pressure, and really cut right in. You can reach around trees, cut the wheel, and rake right around the trunk. The range of articulation is almost virtual reality-like, being able to rake a 5ft wide swath with the touch of your fingers. This tool should prove to be a landscapers dream come true.

And having the quick hitch as the connection point, it is just plain fun to pick up and drop off the rake, which takes just a matter of seconds.

I did get a couple of simple videos which will be uploaded whenever possible, but here are a couple of pictures of the system mounted and ready to go.


I can see this really being nice for a 3 point electric powered sprayer. You could see everything you are spraying right out in front of you.
That's a great point Brian. Thanks!

Here's a video of the hookup and a quick pass across the ground.

I did also use quickly the rake to cut down some hard lumps in an area that always drives me crazy because I get thrown all over by the bumps when driving over them...and it's always when I'm trying to move something from one place to another, which also gets jostled. No More!
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