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Using my new artillian forks (pics)

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Actually....I bought just the main frame as I already had the forks and associated cross members. But I must say,it is a work of art. Beautiful welds and precision cutting to the extreme:thumbup1gif:.....I hated to weld on it as I was afraid I'd mess it up. But I did,and whew,I didnt. I tested them to the 200cx's extreme at about 1100 lbs, but it did it:good2: Thanks Chris for making such a great product! It is truly uplifting to see american made quality once again! I'll sing your praises every chance I get! ....and will be buying from you again. (next time ,I'll know where the code is on the back of the card )


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Sorry guys....just wanted to set the record straight. The unit I was lifting stated on the packing slip that it weighed 1080 lbs. That included the 1x6's on the top and 2x's on bottom for protection. Unit by itself weighed 955lbs. Still happy the 200cx can lift these units as I install'em fairly often. (I was worried I bought too small of tractor)
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