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Hey Gang - New member here. I'm looking to put in an order for a 2320 in the near future. I've been to my dealer and talked over prices.

Right now, I'd like to utilize the 0% financing that ends 8/1. The only thing I'm concerned with would be the potential deals that will be coming in August. Do you guys have any insight on what Deere might have in store for next month special offers? Do they usually maintain the 0% financing? I know it's hard to predict the future, but it would be reassuring to know the 0% financing option would stay with the possibility for a better reward incentive if I wait.

Thanks Much
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i have a 2320 and my neighbor just bought a kubota b2500. we put them side by side and while i might be a little impartial, there is really no comparison.

the deere is beefier and better built. when i talked to a guy who deals in used compact tractors he mentioned that the hydraulics on a deere where superior to the kubota. i cant confirm it but thats just what he said.

i did the 0% and when i ordered mine they did 1500 cash back. but that was because you couldnt order a 2305 or the 1 series yet so i agree with the others that the incentives are not likely to return.

id take the 0% and run too. good luck.
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