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Versa Turf

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I was extremely disappointed to discover that Versa Turf by Carlisle are not made here in the USA. They are made in China. What a hit that was. Was getting ready to buy a set, but not now.

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As far as I can tell they're made in a Carlisle factory in China. At least its not a 3rd party manufacturer.
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Kendra versa turfs
Kendra made VersaTurf's? Or do you mean Carlisle?
while reasoning behind hoping and praying to be able to purchase a high quality item initially and not something with a high probability of built in defects.
If the VT's were 3rd party private labels I'd agree, but they're built in a Carlisle factory to Carlisle specs so, to me, the risk is small.

Not everything made in China is junk the same as not everything made in USA is great.
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