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There is a Victory Flail Mower for sale on Craigslist. I see at least a couple of GTT'ers own the Victory Flail mowers, but i didn't see much in terms of the actual use of them when I searched.

Interested in opinions of those who have used them. One of my biggest concerns is parts availability because flail mowers use a lot of blades..........and they need to be replaced from time to they have a lot of rotating parts.......

I see it's made in China. Or so it appears to be from the links in the listings I find when searching. There also appears to be a company called Victory Implements who sells flail mowers, but their mowers appear to be different.

Here is the listing. The angle to the PTO Shaft in the pictures seems fairly extreme in the raised position. The lower Universal Joint on the PTO shaft would be at quite the angle based upon it's raised position as shown on the machine of the owner. Perhap's that not an issue, but I would like to see it myself for curiosity reasons, if nothing else.

FLAIL MOWER - farm garden - by owner - sale

Looks like they sell for $1,342.57 for a new Flail Mower of the same model number, but the Farmers Helper Brand on Amazon. With free shipping, it makes the CL deal not much of a deal........Plus the color of the mower for sale on Craigslist is different than what I find on Ebay and elsewhere. Not sure if the CL mower's paint has faded or if they are painting the Victory brand a different shade now.

I also found the Victory Flail Mower being sold on Ebay for about the same deal as on Amazon.

I also found at least three different "brands" using the same model number for a flail mower, which is odd. Likely all made by the same company and "private labeled" for different sellers. I would guess it's a different color coming out of the manufacturer depending upon the specific reseller of the unit. I have found flail mowers in this model number in Orange, Tiffany Blue (the one in CL), it appears red. I even found one listed under the Titan brand name with this same model number with the Titan name on it.

Not sure if the person selling the Flail Mower on Craigslist is on GTT. The photo doesn't show much use on the mower but the picture was also taken last year, maybe when they got the mower. ?

It seems most are imported from either China, Italy, India, Vietnam and a few other countries........

Curious in the experiences of those who have these small flail mowers. It would be handy for mowing in some tight areas instead of having the Frontier RC2048 hanging 10 feet off the rear of the tractor or more..........

Plus I have some areas which are going to be cut bi weekly this summer and I would like to get as nice a quality of cut as possible to make walking the paths easier. The areas are too rough for the Zero Turn mower and The rear rotary mowers tend to leave long debris, which makes walking a little tougher than if the cuttings were short and cut up............It's about 1.2 miles of walking paths, so there is about 2 to 3 hours of mowing every other week.

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I have always been interested in flail mowers have asked in the past about this style mower. I have seen them with different names but the same models as well. Some of the you tube channels have people using them and seeming to be happy with them. I have looked at the Woodmaxx Brand and they seem to be very well built and have good reviews, but the unit itself is built in china. I look forward to seeing what others have to say.


4 ft Betsco flail mower kubota b series cover crop eggplant Tekton - YouTube
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