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Video of 1026 snowblower removal?

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I searched youtube and google.......

Anyone know of a video of someone removing the snowblower? Would be my 1st time......I'd read the owners manual, but I prefer to watch the
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Sorry; no video here. I'd be too embarrassed.

It was an adventure for me, especially never having used a mid-PTO. Videos of installing/removing the loader (there are a couple on YouTube) helped, but I found the directions almost incomprehensible.

I looked at the pieces for a while, and finally decided that there seemed to be only one way to connect everything, and I'd just do it in order from the PTO forward. That worked fine, though it took me 45 minutes - partly due to working in a cramped space. I just swapped back for the loader yesterday - it might snow again, but I need to move some logs - and it took about 30 minutes. That's looking at everything twice, wiggling it around a lot to be certain, etc.

For me, a video would have been less useful than a step-list of instructions with a decent photo or two for each. I'll be happy to do that next time I put the blower back on, but with luck that won't be until next December. Perhaps someone quicker at it, or a dealer, could do it in the meanwhile.

It does help to have a few 2x4 or 2x6 scraps around to set pieces on during assembly. I used some plywood to keep from scraping paint off the loader stand. And watch out for the two big locking clips (and other connections as well) - could pinch a finger pretty easily.
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Pretty simple process.

Remove the blower first from the quickattach. Do this by pulling the collar back on the short front drive shaft and uncoupling it. Flip the support rod around to hold up the shaft (more important installing).

Pull lower pins on blower and rotate to lock in out position. Remove the optional spout cap cable if you have one and wrap around blower chute to get it out of the way. Get on and start the tractor and using the hydraulics disconnect the blower from the quickattach.

Stop tractor and remove hydraulic lines. Wrap them around the chute to keep out of the way. Back tractor up and remove the quickattach. This has same type of pins as blower. Wiggle it off and set aside.

Finally remove the quick attach bracket and drive shaft. Start by going back to mid PTO and pulling coupler on drive shaft and slide the drive shaft as far forward as you can to remove. Remove lower mount by removing the long gold rod. Wiggle lower bracket and drive shaft out as one complete assembly. Replace rod in bracket so you dont misplace it.

Deere might have different instructions but this is how I do it. Its a simple process and honestly I didnt even read the instructions so I think once you start to do it you will find it pretty simple.
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No video here. I would like to take to blower off, but I think its a little too head strong in my neck of the woods.:lol:
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