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Wanted: 318, 400 or 420 John Deere

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Hi. I'm in the market for a John Deere 318, 400 or 420 Tractor. I gave up on the outrageous prices on Craigstlist and FleaBay. If someone has one available please let me know. Our property needs a good workhorse and it would be nice how to show the little ones the ins and outs as opposed to me fixing all of our other tractors :)

I'm located in the Washington D.C. Metro area.


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Welcome to GTT!

Ed, I am not that far from you and I check CL often...I will keep an eye out for you.
Ed, I am not that far from you and I check CL often...I will keep an eye out for you.

Thanks so much! You're right up the BW Parkway from me, I'm around Alexandria. Let me know, I'd like to find a clean running low hour 300 or 400 series. Cosmetics I'm not too concerned with.
Also check out the Classified section of WFM if you haven't already done so. I see 318s popping up pretty regular there.

Also the 330, 332, 322 and the 316 Onan are in the same series as the 318, so those might be a possibility, especially the 332 and the 322 as they're basically a 318 with a different engine and includes all the 318 features.
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Check out this site. They have many used JD models that refurbished. I haven't bought anything from them but did get the link from a post on GTT.

Good luck!
I found my 83-420 on CL, needed some work, but with all I've put into it, it's still a good value!

One thing to be aware of on the model 400 is that they are "attachment specific", only 400 attachments fit the 400. Not that there is anything wrong with the 400, just be sure you can find the attachments you want for it! ~~ Lowell
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Also, Machine Finder
Thanks for all of the advice :) I picked one up over the weekend. I'll post pics in my other thread.
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