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Of course I was out snowblowing in the middle of this snowstorm. Tractor ran fine, then suddenly stopped. Let it sit a few moments then cranked and it started again, ran rough for a moment, then ran ok for about 2 more minutes, then same routine. Same again after that. Made it to the barn, took apart the fuel filter, no noticeable water. I did add diesel this am, possibly water could have been involved there. Any other thoughts on what could be going on? Fuses ok.
Running over to my neighbor's to add some conditioner.

955 with a fair amount of hours(meter was broke when I bought it). I have run the tractor for about 500 hours without this issue before.

George in Southern Maine with about 6 inchs and climbing...haha.
I'd guess it's a fuel issue(?). I use to have a JD 655, the little brother of what you have. I always ran a cold weather diesel fuel mixture in mine and never had the problem you discribed. I recently bought a new 1026R which replaced my old 655. It's amazing what 20 years of development has accomplished. My old 655 was a major pain to start when it was cold without a magnet heater. This new one starts right off. Hopefully, adding the conditioner will clear up your problem. Good luck.
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