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We need your help!

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We love the small, google ad free forum that we have here. This community has some very intelligent individuals here and we need help to expand our forum. We would like to create a more active area that will help to raise or content level so we can help more people.

If you can, tell other people you know about Green Tractor Talk. Right now 95% of all people find us through people talking. We are not large enough to make it big in the search engines.

If you get the opportunity and its not against any rules, post a link back to us here. It will help us with search engines and maybe direct in some new friends.

If you have ideas on how to grow the site, post them up. We are open to any discussion on this.

Thank you for your support. :good2:
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That does help. Thanks for letting us know.
Ok, I don't know where this mess came from, but we all have our hearts in the same place here. Lets work on what is important and all of us do what we can to help make this place our home.

Thank you to everyone for helping us get where we are today! :thumbup1gif:
Just wanted to bump this thread to ask for anyones help.

I want to reach out to each of our members and vendors and ask them to do whatever they might be able to do to help get the word out about our site. We are slowly becoming one of the few non-corporate tractor forums on the web. We are also one that everyone here is family. We take care of each other.

If you have facebook, share our link, if you have a website, please post our link on it. If you know people that might be interested in our site, email them or give them a call. We can grow this family together!

Thank You!
I want to bring this back up again as we are at that point with the new domain name that we will be battling to get to the top. If there is any way you can help us to get our name out and possibly link to us if it fits in the rules, it would help a lot!

Thank you for your support!
Is there a reason you guys did not do a redirect on the old domain so wouldn't lose what you already had indexed in the search engines?

I am a web developer and my primary interest is in SEO. Normally we would forward a URL until the new domain is rolling.

At the same time we made the change to GTT, DT also made a server change. We do have a redirect at DT, but the DNS has been slow to populate. Google is picking up the redirect and so have others I have talked with, but some are not. Not sure if its all dns or some cache and cookies also.
I am not getting the redirect at all. Its not cache and cookies on my end. I even swapped out a couple DNS servers and still not getting it.

Did you do a redirect at the server or at the domain record?

Most my DNS updates I do (about 10 a week) are happening in 8 hours or less. The old 24-48 hours is gone for me.

If there is anything I can do to help beyond what you have mentioned in this thread, please let me know.

Another thing I will add is Google has a patent on some social media applications which will change search engine results as we know them. So anyone that has a Google or Youtube account and is logged in can help the site buy using the "+1" button. Search for Green Tractor Talk in Google and when the results come up you should see the +1 button. Click that. Will help the site with the upcoming changes Google as made.
PM sent and working with ^

If you could also +1 us on google that would be great also.

Thank you for the support!
I have linked to this site a few times on wfm and there are a couple of other members who have also.

This brings me to a sticking point with me. I don't know who can remember, but there was a site years ago called Garden Web (it may still be there, don't know) and it had a large membership base on it's garden tractor forum. But the owner didn't want anyone linking to other sites so he would suspend their account or ban them. The site lost a lot of members, some which formed the TF (tractor forum) site who also had a parting of the ways and some members of that site started MTF (my tractor forum). Now it (MTF) is under new ownership and I received a couple of pms stating I couldn't link to other sites, first in my signature, then in my post, then both, and then...... I decided it was enough and hadn't been back in several months to a year. Now I'm a member of another site that doesn't want you linking directly to a site. On wfm, we allow members to link to other sites. If a site has to try and harness it's members to keep them, then the site isn't a very strong one. I have linked to this site a few times on wfm and, in all honestly, it was a link from wfm from another member there that made me come to see this site. I liked it and joined. And I'm still a very active member of wfm and will remain so.

Time to get off my soapbox.:soapbox:
Thank you for the suport. I understand what you are saying and I want to ask that no one get in trouble, or risk any account they have just to throw up a link to us. We will always be an open forum as our goal here is to help people. We cannot do that by disallowing people to link or hang at other sites. This is the internet and information, good information, is everywhere.

I throw links in my signatures on the forums I hang out at that allow it. Jeep, RZR, VB, and a Diesel Forum. It helps us with search engines, does not tick anyone off as I am not stealing members, and I know I will not get banned for it.

So PLEASE, don't get in trouble for posting links.
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