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I have linked to this site a few times on wfm and there are a couple of other members who have also.

This brings me to a sticking point with me. I don't know who can remember, but there was a site years ago called Garden Web (it may still be there, don't know) and it had a large membership base on it's garden tractor forum. But the owner didn't want anyone linking to other sites so he would suspend their account or ban them. The site lost a lot of members, some which formed the TF (tractor forum) site who also had a parting of the ways and some members of that site started MTF (my tractor forum). Now it (MTF) is under new ownership and I received a couple of pms stating I couldn't link to other sites, first in my signature, then in my post, then both, and then...... I decided it was enough and hadn't been back in several months to a year. Now I'm a member of another site that doesn't want you linking directly to a site. On wfm, we allow members to link to other sites. If a site has to try and harness it's members to keep them, then the site isn't a very strong one. I have linked to this site a few times on wfm and, in all honestly, it was a link from wfm from another member there that made me come to see this site. I liked it and joined. And I'm still a very active member of wfm and will remain so.

Time to get off my soapbox.:soapbox:
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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