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We need your help!

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We love the small, google ad free forum that we have here. This community has some very intelligent individuals here and we need help to expand our forum. We would like to create a more active area that will help to raise or content level so we can help more people.

If you can, tell other people you know about Green Tractor Talk. Right now 95% of all people find us through people talking. We are not large enough to make it big in the search engines.

If you get the opportunity and its not against any rules, post a link back to us here. It will help us with search engines and maybe direct in some new friends.

If you have ideas on how to grow the site, post them up. We are open to any discussion on this.

Thank you for your support. :good2:
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Will do what I can, I love this site.

When I first starter, I took out the smallest classified ads I could in Progressive Farmer, Farm Journal, Mother Earth News, etc. I would put in a very basic (cheap) ad "New or used Farm equipment visit" No phone # no business name. Just driving traffic to the website. We put our website URL on every outgoing piece of mail in the return address area. Put in all ads in local papers. Put URL on the side of the business trucks. Put free ads in all the free directory's. This was 12 years ago and it took 2-3 years to get search engine placement like we wanted it. We never paid anyone anything and still come up # 1 or 2 in every product that we want to feature. Hits currently run about 1000 per day. Never exchanged links with anyone. When I get a website visitor, I want to keep them there as long as possible (avg length of visit is currently about 3 minutes). I do not want to show him a link to jump to and then forgot how to get back to me. The Google people call me 1 or 2 times a year about placement of ads with them and the website optimizers call about every week. Don't need any of that stuff. I used common sense and optimized the website myself. Just my 2 cents. Ken Sweet
I know this guy is a vendor, but he needs to get off his high horse. This is a forum, not an equipment sales place. Not everyone has money to throw at advertising. Starting my own business was hard, but you do a good job and word of mouth will get you far. My suggestion to you Ken, stop being a Jack.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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