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I was plowing a couple weeks ago and somehow broke the 3pt hitch off. After looking at the pin it was just not welded good. So while I had the sand out to perform the repair I made a few mods to the box.

Here I added two 2: PVC pipes to hold rakes shovel or what ever else will fit. You will also see the hitch I cut into the box and welded it inside the bottom of the box and the outside edge. I will put a 1 7/16 ball on that to move my trailers around easier.


Here I made two brackets from a piece of angle so I could put the chainsaw in and carry it. Better than strapping down and falling off.


Here you should be able to see 5 u shaped brackets, better seen in an earlier picture. I made them from some heavy chain I had laying around. This allows me to use bungie cords to hold anything down on top of the soon to be shelf I will make for the box top. Today I will fill the box back to full with sand and begin that process.


Once complete I will repaint the whole thing. This weight box has been with me since 2005 through 3 1 series and now the 2032r. It has served me well especially when using the grapple and the forks.
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