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Just bought the tractor..a 4010D 'wheatland' with the big round fenders and odd battery boxes with lids that are bolted to the fenders...

The battery boxes do appear to be factory JD pieces and are nothing like the normal 4010/4020 battery boxes that tip-out from under the operator deck. These are top access and the lids have tread on them like perhaps at one time they were level with the operator deck(they've been relocated higher probably to clear the GB loader frame)

I worked at a Deere dealership for nearly 20 years and have seen numerous lashed-up 'battery trays' and even big ammunition boxes used as battery containers. Have never seen this type of factory boxes before! Pretty certain these are Deere as the left box has what's left of JD's 'safety' decal on it plus the rotten boxes match the rotten fenders.

I searched for some aftermarket battery boxes and all I find are the usual A&I factory style box....nothing nowhere remotely resembling these 'wheatland' battery boxes. Are there any sources for aftermarket battery boxes like I've tried to describe??

Just got finished bolting on some used seat cushions the previous owner gave me. Looked the battery boxes and mountings over better. Each box is bolted on a big cast iron bracket that's held to the rear axel by a U-bolt. It's factory I'm certain...just weird. I don't think the battery boxes have been relocated like I first thought....

Thanx Stevie
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