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Fortunately it was an easy fix.

Son goes out the other night to show a friend of his the gator. (Another kid like my son. His family has a small farmette and a nice stable of green tractors. 60, 620, 1520 and 2640)

Anyway he goes to start it up and nothing. No lights or anything. So I go out and start checking things. The one fuse didn’t test correctly right away so I replaced it and she started right up.

So then yesterday SWMBO’D has it out while she was taking pics off the snowscape

and she goes to start it up and click click click click.

So I get to investigating and find that the battery is almost 7 years old. Went and got a new bat for it tonight and it starts better than it ever has since it has come to live with us.

So Later the Gator is happy now. :)

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