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Made to the Western Farm Show today. It runs from Today through Sunday Feb 22. It was very crowded. I got tired of trying to make my way through the crowds and finally just left. The upper level was not as crowded. I suspect Saturday will be even more crowded.

I took only a few pictures, all of them in the green tractor section!!!!


4066R (cab) and 4052M tractors. Good look at the differences between the D170 and H180 loaders.

JD 4052M  and 4066R.jpg

8 series

JD 8 series.jpg

6175R BIG 6 series tractor

JD 6175R.jpg

6 series tractor. Don't remember the model number, but it was a LOT smaller than the 6175R

JD 6 series.jpg

BIG sprayer. You could almost walk under it.

JD big sprayer.jpg

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That 4052M, but with the 'H180" Loader, ( I do not do 'D" loaders) looks like a real good size for all around work..I can hear all the excuses in my mind already as to why I actually 'need" it too :):thumbup1gif:
Looks a lot like my 4005 did. More power but that extra 10 hp the hydro uses. Could move serious materials and still fit in a horse barn..
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