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I only have two GT's due to the lack of storage area. Probably a good thing I don't have more room !!

First is a 1974 model 140-H3 and also a 1990 model 332.

The attachments I have for the 140 are a 10" Brinly plow and of course the Integral hitch, a 47 mid mount mowing deck, and lawn sprayer.

For the 332 I have the 3 point hitch, 12" Brinly plow and 50 mid mount mowing deck.

Attachment to fit both tractors include a 54 front blade, 49 snow thrower, 48 inch front mount thatcher, tow behind cyclone spreader and weights.

Here is a link to pictures of the tractors ready for plow days ......... I can't wait til spring to get back down to the PA plow days in April

Here is the 140:

1974 John Deere Model 140 - H3 Photos by rjw1962 | Photobucket

Here is the 332:

Rons 1990 John Deere 332 Photos by rjw1962 | Photobucket

And a short video, plowing with the 332:

Western NY Spring Plow Day 5-12-12 Photos by rjw1962 | Photobucket
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