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I have a First year 318 that was made in 1983. I have had it a Little over Three years now, and it came to me with a Replacement MOW-140/318 48" Mowing Deck. The Tractor has now been fully restored and has a Newly re-built P-218 Performer Onan engine in it. I stripped it all down to a rolling Chasis and Painted every part on it while restoring it. I have a Model 30 Hydraulic tiller for it that has the Optional 12" Tine extension on it making it a full 42" Cut and I also have a 54" 4-Way dirt Dozer blade that I recently restored as well as a Rarely Seen Model 30 Dump Cart. These Model 30 dump Cart's were made by The Radio-Flyer Corp. out of Chicago, Illinois for only about Tw years for John Deere back in the early 1980's time span. Here is my 318 with it's equipment. Regards, Hammerdown

This is How my 318 Looked the day I Brought it home Three years ago with it's almost new Replacement deck. I gave $300.00 for it at a Tri-Green John Deere dealership Tax Included.

Here is my 318 This Past spring. I added a set of Bar rear tires and Located this Nice Model 30 Hydraulic tiller that I had to get which was a 1100 Mile round trip. I gave $800.00 for it & it came with all of the Mounting Hardware to bolt right up to my 318. This was the first of Three Passes I made with the tiller close to my Garage. By the third Pass I had 18" of fluffy dirt as these Model 30 Tiller dig Fiercely.

Here is my 54" dirt dozer Blade. It is a 4-way Hydraulic blade that I found locally for $100.00. I had to Narrow it's main plow frame as it was made for a 400 series Tractor. Here it is shown on my Tractor right after Modifying it's frame as well as during and after I restored it.

Here is a Rarely seen model 30 dump Cart. As I said, These were made by the Radio-Flyer Corp. for John Deere for Two years or less. I gave $25.00 for this one well over 25 Years ago and recently restored it. It was in super Sad shape before I restored it, but due to it's Rarity I decided to Save it from the scrap Pile.

Here are some close Up's of my 318 finished. I wet sanded all of the paint with some 3-M 2000 Grit sand Paper after I spray Painted it, Then Buffed it out.

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