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What are you doing for weed control?

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It's that time of year again, got the sprayer out to begin attacking the weeds. I need to spray several acres of pasture fenceline, it's a mixture of grass and thorns. I want a total annihilation of foliage in the sprayed area. What are y'all using?
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Alright, I've done the first round of weed spray. Used a mixture of RoundUp and 2-4-D. Worked like a charm on everything but some briars, not sure how I'll deal with those.

Is anyone spraying this mixture around livestock? I have horses, and for a variety of reasons I can't move them out of the field they're in right now. I need to spray that fenceline, though. Part of me says I'm worrying over nothing, go ahead and spray. There would only be a few inches of grass sprayed inside the fence, and due to the electric top wire they usually don't get that close. On the other hand, I'm just nervous about spraying chemicals anywhere that they could get into it. I've thought about using some T posts and a few runs of twine or construction mesh to make a temporary fence inside the fence I need to spray, but that would be a lot of potentially unnecessary work.

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I've got woven wire fencing, so I don't have a good way to keep the actual fenceline clear with a mower or a trimmer. How do the propane weed burners work? I would be a bit worried about setting the field on fire, not to mention having to drag a propane tank around an awful lot of fence.
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