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What did you do with your SCUT Deere today?

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I find it amazing how these machines make you say, yay I have work to do. Ive been meaning to collect some firewood for a few months now. Got 'er done today, and really quick and easy too!

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I slept in until 8, had a lazy morning and spent the day Christmas shopping with my dear and gave my Deere the day off.
Should have drove it to the mall, the teeth and bucket means you could have moved a small car to free up a parking spot.:good2:
Got to play in the snow for the first time. so much fun. :yahoo:

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Sawdust, how did you like your rear blower?
Rear blower worked fantastic. There was a layer of ice with a few inches of snow on top and not having the skid shoes on allowed we to nicely scrap the driveway and get most of it up.

when through a 3 foot high bank that was pushed up from the neighbours plow and had frozen.

The high back seat makes the manual chute rotation a little tricky. (set of the safety twice by leaving the seat) have to look into adding hydraulic for next year.

Hydraulic deflector was a life saver today with the high winds.

My driveway is not very long, so with the FEL on I had to be very careful not to hit anything. Might get the front weights for next year and leave it off.

All in all very happy. I would have loved to have gotten the front mount blower, but in Canada I paid $2000 for the rear mount, where the front mount setup was going to run me almost $5000. little too much to spend this time around.

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No real snow to worry about, but did get to move some maple logs that were cut down. Tree was about 3.5 feet across. I was having so much fun and really getting the hang of things, I even started to stack it. :lol:

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You sure have quiet neighbors eh?
They get a little rowdy on oct. 31, but the rest of the year they are angels. :lol::angel:
Played with the new lawn roller. :good2:

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Cut down and cleaned up a walnut.

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That was so cool! Was that you singing? If not who was the artist/title please?:thumbup1gif:
"Ride the Lawn" by Dana Lyons

on itunes found using SoundHound App. crazy.
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Thanks! :)

It is G-gage. (43mm between rails) I don't like to refer to it as G-scale since the various G-gage model train manufacturers use scale factors from 1:20.3 to 1:32. LGB typically uses a 1:22.3 scale, or something like that.

My apologies for going off-subject, but I just had to post this photo of my Sunday afternoon live steam run. (When I should have been doing tractor work on the railroad.)

Wheres the video of this run? :thumbup1gif:

Should get a scale deere to put in the red car. :lol:
49", the standard with the factory TLB package. I asked for a 53", but my dealer said the cost would be an additional ~1000$ (yeah, no thanks!)
The cost to go from a 49" to 53" bucket is only about $65.
If you build your own on the Deere site you can see this upgrade offer.
Seems your dealer is full of it.
Same problem with the 3 point hitch on the back of the tractor. It only comes down about 1/2 way if there is no weight on it. That isn't so bad because I can stay in the tractor seat and reach behind me and push down on the top of the lifting linkage. That comes in handy when moving trailers with ball hitches.
Below the seat between your legs is the drop rate adjust for the 3 point hitch. If you play around with it you can find a happy medium to the issue. Or just give it a turn to drop the arms then turn it back. Sounds like your is fully closed.
Blowing snow with the 1 series and Agro trend blower. Snow was very wet.

Sod sod and more sod

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You know, I hate to be rude, but your tractor is way to big for your back yard! lol
Worked on being the #1 Dad. (No offense to any dad's here)

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Day one
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Your playground is similar to what I got for my daughter a few years ago. I'm going to have to move it to a new place and was planning on doing something similar to this. Did you add dirt to level it out, then mulch?

It was build into a slightly unleveled area, so after leveling it out and installing the frame, I back filled with a bit of the dirt. Laid down a weed barrier, then used rubber "wood" chips. They are made from recycled tires and is actually a good choice for play area as it is approved for fall protection.

Found if you have to pay for mulch that rubber is a "cheaper" option and better for this application. Bought it from homedepot for $7 a bag. (Canada) cost dose add up quick.
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Looks great. How much rubber mulch did you use and how thick did you put it? I have a similar setup and I only added mulch underneath the tower where a small picnic table was installed. I need to add it to the rest of the setup around the slide and swings. I am looking at alot of rubber mulch! Just about a pallet of it, and its about $600-700 from the local Home Depot or Lowes.
That's about right. I used about 110 bags. Aprox 2" thick. Area of 28' x 16'
I worked out on my property cleaning up some brush. The big dirt piles in the back are where the house foundation is. I was tempted to drop my grapple, attach my bucket and move some dirt around :laugh:
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Don't hit that DOG wood. :lol:
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We always did/do. In the spring when the horses shed it goes out with the manure and the birds use the hair to build nests.:thumbup1gif:
That is one s h i t y house. :lol:
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Here is my installation. I now need a new 1/2" drill bit though. It wasn't very good to begin with, and now, after 4 holes through my bucket, it's REALLY dull! :laugh:

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Looking good.

I am not a metal worker, but what I find really helps is to drill a small pilot hole first. Then drill with the 1/2" bit. Or the step drill bits work good too.
I turned my 85 year old Father loose on my 1025R last weekend. He put 8 hrs on it in two days. Been a while since I seem him smile so much. Worth the price of the tractor.

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Love the cane in the BB.

Think you need to build a holder for it near the seat.
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