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What did you do with your SCUT Deere today?

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I find it amazing how these machines make you say, yay I have work to do. Ive been meaning to collect some firewood for a few months now. Got 'er done today, and really quick and easy too!

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Well, we had an inch of snow over night. Got out the 2305 and brushed the drive. Sorry, I didn't get any action shots today. :hide: Its just fun to jump on and turn the key. :good2:
My neighbor rode up the hill today so we could compare machines. His is a MF GC2400. Very similar machines.
Starkey, I like the green one. :good2:
Jeez, this coming from the guy that's always whing about pics! :mocking:
:laugh::laugh::laugh: Funny George, but the best I can do by myself is shown by my avatar. The action shots I need help. I was by myself yesterday.:unknown:
I see what you did there! :laugh:
Don't encourage him. We will all suffer. :mocking:
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Gizmo2, you are an ass :mocking: DE dirt
You know this sort of thing just encourages him?:empathy: Nice Range! :good2:

ME?? Kenny or Randy, are either of you spreading rumors again?:laugh:
Sorry, I don't think you need our help. Your reputation precedes you.:tongue:
Got to sit in the seat with the engine on today.

Got about 5 inches of white to clean up. :thumbup1gif:


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About 8" of snow to play, errr with. :mocking:
Looks wet and heavy, and guide markers. :thumbup1gif:
Crap I'm stuck! Literally!
Time to learn how to use that loader for just such an emergency.
Finally, after wanting one for years, got my manual chute deflector adjuster. And, I put it on this morning. It was a a fairly easy install only hampered by some stiff fingers due to an unheated garage. Now I can clean out the driveway down to the barn, which I have put off due to the placement of a neighbor's newly (last fall) installed swimming pool. I am thinking of adding a rubber edge to my rear blade this weekend.......

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You are going to really like it the next time you use it. And then wonder why you waited so long.
NICE Kenny! :thumbup1gif:
Yeah Kenny. How come you didn't buy the truck with them already installed?
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KBOH Hook Polish...
Nuff said.
Very cool. Does he sell muffler wax too?
Did a little re-grading

I didn't like how the back porch was graded so I fixed it.


RandyM, boy it never surprises mr what I see on here, the pic of ur trailer!!:thumbup1gif:the kobota dealer that is next door at my youngest son house has 2 of same looking trailers on his lot for sale.:lovetongue: I keep looking and they laugh and joke to me about bren(my sugarlip's) not letting loose of any of her :gizmo: to buy one. oh man it would be nice. in YHO, would a Honda foreman pull something like that ok, or not enought power. oh-nice job-and a little wet their too-huh. big jim
Jim I am not familiar with a Honda Forman, I will need a little more info. Of course you have to keep in mind as to what you will load the trailer with and how full. My trailer is rated at 2100 lbs. But, I must admit, this time when I got the dirt the guy at the quarry informed me as to how heavy that stuff is and had me weigh it. To my surprise I had 4500 lbs on that trailer.

Dang, you got some nice grass there.:thumbup1gif:
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Darn nice HouseMouse. :thumbup1gif:
Yeah, and we want action shots HM.
Also, it makes me sad to see just how bald I am
From my point of view, that is nothing to be disheartened about. :thumbup1gif:

Nice vid too!
Plowed in 300' of water line
View attachment 50931 View attachment 50933

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NICE! I like the automatic pipe feeder option you installed!
Me too! :mocking:
not sure why the pictures are sideways, they show right side up on my computer and phone?..
If you use windows photo viewer first you can view and rotate your pictures properly.
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Wow , snow already ? We're still in the mid 90's . We did recently have a 59 degree low , woohoo . At least you get to have some seat time !!:bigbeer:

That was from a very old post. I'll have to go back and see what the time of year was.

December of 2011, :mocking:
Picked up by hand..... on my hands and knees...8 loader buckets full of walnuts from my 100 year old walnut trees. Saved a tonne of wheel barrow trips doing it this way . Cannot mow the lawn with them on the ground.

If only they made a tractor attachment for getting walnuts off the ground mechanically. That would be awesome!

It's also too bad that they all go to waste (forgetting the squirrels who love my walnut pile) but no one around us takes them for processing.
Thoughts off the top of my head:

landscape rake
rotary broom
lawn sweeper
rear blade floating on the ground

Just brainstorming. I seriously doubt a lawn sweeper would sweep them up. All that said, I love fresh walnuts. :good2:
To that I'll add a shop vac.
Converted over to "Winter" mode :)
Hey Mike, That beast is looking pretty good. Your set-up will serve you well. But, I would recommend some added weight to the 3 pt hitch. Without it you'll be OK, but you'll be amazed at what a little extra weight in the rear will do for you. :thumbup1gif:
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