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What do the truck and trailer gurus think of this?

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What do the truck and trailer gurus think of this?

I wonder how it handles a slight off axis (e.g. +/-10 degrees) hit.
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All I see is a battering ram. :lol:
I agree, I want to see what happens when its hit off camber. I think it could do more damage (bend the frame) rather than help.
Bumper ski handle.

The rest of it is BS.
So far the consensus here, on another forum, and from my friends is that this is snake oil.
I built something like that years ago to keep people from rear ending my Jeep. The spare was so wide they would hit the spare before the bumper and crush the tailgate. Never got to try it out though. Guess folks thought they didn't want to hit it.
Most cars can't even reach my bumper.. ;)
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At least when you hit your shin on it...It won't hurt the truck.:lol:
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