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My 4052r with the wheel spacers has an extra 11 +inches between wheels....might help if you are looking for fitting a plow and have a nice one that is a bit wider than you might otherwise feel comfortable with. And the cost is modest and the install not a big deal....
BTW the extra width does make a big difference in stability on my hilly property.
If you are anticipating plowing you might also consider the hydraulic down pressure device. In our Connecticut soil the penetration is poor unless a considerable weight is added to the plow due to the rocks and general rocky nature of the soil.
I have a midbuster plow that I thought might be of help here and it would NOT go down more than an inch or so.....until I added about 140 pounds of weights to the device at which time it went down a foot with ease....And yes the pointy end was pitched downward:banghead:
I may look into the hydraulic downpressure add on as I have the additional hydraulics already installed.....if it is not a budget buster.
As they say....everyone's conditions are different so these things may or may not help.
I like the wider stance on the wheels for the feel of extra stability when I go over a steep incline....sometimes needing to go at an angle .
I do have to watch what I am driving over though since the back end is out there.
PS one additional item....I don't know if the 52 horses are enough to pull a double plow...with R4's.....any opinions?
For what it's worth we pulled 4 14" bottoms with a 60 hp two wheel drive tractor but the soils may have been different. I guess a rule of thumb might be 1 hp for every inch of plow width plus a couple more horses for insurance. I rarely remember ever having a problem getting a plow into the ground unless the shares were worn out. Those were mostly semi-mounted plows, no down pressure, no added weights and sometimes going into pretty heavy sod as we would rotate out of pasture into corn in the succeeding year. As we got bigger tractors, we also moved up in plow size but in a lot of ways, I still liked how a 14" share plowed. It seemed to break up the soil better than the larger plows.

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