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What every Deere CUT Needs for tillage

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If you need to go deeper than a roto-Tiller, This is what you may need? A 2-12 inch John Deere trip plow with coulters. Lots of new metal been put on to make it field ready. Ken Sweet
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Brian, It is category 1. Shipping is almost free. Less than $100 to Mi. anyway. Ken Sweet
First it was the subsoiler..... Now this. Is this category 1?

I have been looking for a 3 point 2 bottom for a long time. I am learning that a tiller is nice, but after a few years you need to break up the soil below the grasp of the tiller because you get a high plow pan!

Also, are you running a free shipping sale anytime soon....LOL....
Brian, I will measure from the coulter arm back to the cat 1 cross drawbar. This should let you know if you have adequate clearance. Ken
Dave, the new plows don't hold a candle to the old plows made by the majors. Most new don't have spring adjustable trips or coulters or high quality/heavier steel inputs in the framing. In addition, when did you see a TSC or Leinbach plow with a rolling tailwheel made of steel? 2-12 need to be 23 inches from center of drawbar to inside edge of right rear tire. You can cheat a little by sliding the plow on the cross drawbar to compensate. Ken Sweet
Ken, Apparently whats old is new again! Beautuful plow...but is this any different then any other 3pt plow? I know you and I had a "mini discussion" somewhere else about 3pt plows...could you post up a "noob's guide to plowing"....things like the spacing from the drawbar to inside of the RR Tire, etc...

I guess my biggest question was I was originally thinking it was impossible to plow correctly with most CUT's then I see this thread!
If Brian wouldnt have called dibs first, pending some chatter about this, I woulda thrown my hat into the ring too!
That is a nice 444H. I don't recall ever seeing one in person. Ken
I totally agree with the plow quality of "back then"...I'm to the point of frustration with plows that I honestly think I'm just gonna buy a big "real farm plow" like a 5 or 6 bottom JD because I can get em CHEEP! and use the parts to make my own plow. My FIL has a 3 bottom JD I can use for measurements, but I'd like to find a 2 bottom so I can make an identical copy...only because I know plowing is a "numbers game" when it comes to spacing, dimensions, etc...

Using a 3pt plow on a CUT is a tricky proposition because of the spacing issue...I only have 14" on my 3520 w/R4's...
In a perfect world I'd find something like this 444H:
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Brian from the centerline of the cross drawbar to the most extreme forward point on the Coulter mount is 17 inches. Standard Category 1 spacing on the 3 point hitch. Price is $695 with 2 new shins and 2 new points installed. + shipping. Ken
If its priced in my range of available funds from the wife, I will take it.

On Edit: AND will fit behind a 4520. It looks to be quite forward of the three point hook up. Would the 4520 have the room for this?
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