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:greentractorride: Today I decided to check torques on the three important things:

ROPS, Wheels, & Loader mounts

ROPS has M20 bolts, 300lb ft is the spec. 30mm socket, 3/4" torque wrench, 4 bolts per side all OK :good2:

Wheels; Fronts, Center to hub 220lb ft 8 nuts per side, center to rim/wheel 185lb ft, 8 nuts per side. Both fronts OK :yahoo:

Wheels; Rears, Center to hub 370lb ft, 8 nuts, per side, all took 1/8 to 1/4 turn to make torque
:flag_of_truce:Center to rim/wheel 185lb ft, 8 nuts per side, all OK :good2:

Loader mounts, M20 bolts, 390lb ft spec, 7 bolts per side, 3 forward, easy to get to, 2 behind the upright section, medium to get to, and 2 inside at the bottom, hard to do. The mount has window cut in it to access. Barely room for the socket and torque wrench. I could get on them but no room to swing the torque wrench. I had to jack up the front axle about 10" to get it high enough for the torque wrench to clear the floor and get maybe 1/8th of a turn before hitting the end of the window. The front 3 were OK, the top 2 took 1/8 to 1/4 turn, the bottom 2 took 3/8 to 1/2 a turn :nunu:

Since I had my 640 Loader manual out, I checked the front tread width, to see if it was as wide as allowed for loader use, it was :good2:
I also checked my front axle steering stops. They had not been adjusted for my tread width correctly and I was losing turning degrees. I adjusted them to spec. :good2:

When have you last checked your Wheels, ROPS, and Loader mounts? I found more below torque spec bolts than I thought I would :banghead: :flag_of_truce: :hi:


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