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The lower fitting here ( T on the PB. T, right? ) feeds into the stubby hose, which looks like it is ready to fail.
I want to run a new hose instead into my summit kit, and then have a PB connection after it (or is that a bad idea?).
Is that a 1/2" line instead of the 3/8 hoses I have? Are my 3/8 hoses going to be okay?
In any case, I need to get a new hose on there. How do I get that off, and it looks like I need an adapter (or exact replacement hose that then feeds my manifold - that may be the best option)?
I am also running the 3rd function from this, with 3/8 hose running to the existing QD location for the loader, and then I have another set of hose to mount on the loader to run up to the grapple connection which is flat-faced QD.

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Your summit kit looks to be isolated from the PB. To connect it- Disconnect the hose that looks stressed and plug that in to the corresponding fitting that comes off the bottom of the summit kit (currently connected to itself) and the other hose plug in the fixed fitting that you removed the stressed hose from. creating a loop.

Not sure what valve your talking about being a T. if you're talking at the swivel fitting on the PB hose the whole hose would need to be replaced.

I see the failing hose now. The summit kit is just a pass through unless it's doing "work". Adding an additional item in the PB after (or before) the summit kit would be fine. Just need to make sure it's a tandem valve (i.e. when the valve is neutral, the oil just flows through it to the next item in line), the return side can handle high pressure (return to tank or T lines are not always rated to see high 1000+PSI which PB lines are and its how items further down the line in series gets their high PSI for their "work") and then be sure to close/complete the loop.

I.e. PB + -> Backhoe -> summit kit -> log spliter ( as an example) -> PB-

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Yes, I didn't hook the summit kit in yet, because my front 3rd function hoses don't have the QD's to terminate them and I don't want to make a mess.
The bottom photo is the PB connection. The PB hose looks pretty shot and I want to replace. I also might want to plumb my summit in permanently, either upstream of where my backhoe goes, or downstream of it.
The top connection is P and the bottom T. So I could run a permanent hose to either side if I want to then have the new PB connections plumbed either before or after.
Or I could just leave the QD on both and then can hook up either way?
Am I not being clear enough?

Oh, also if I just try to horse this hose around to plug into it, it has every look like it is going to instead of just ooze fluid out like it is now, it will burst spectacularly.

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I went to the greenpartstore parts catalog, and the Power Beyond for my tractor (4700) shows the exploded view, but says there is only 1 part and it is the entire kit, and none of the parts have part numbers. I was looking for a stock hose or replacement, but I also need to fit it to my summit kit.
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