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What is up with the John Deere 3pt sprayers?

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I was looking into getting a larger version of my 60 gallon JD 3pt PTO boom sprayer.
I have the same one Tim (TTWT) has only mine does not have the fancy foaming option.
Seen here in Tim's video.

I was watching a video on a 110 gallon version and can't find it on the Deere website.

I am only Finding the Frontier versions now.

That one pictured I can see a blue pump, which would mean it's not the silver series like the one that came on my 60-gallon Deere sprayer.
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Where does that 60gal that TTWT is using get it's pump power from? I don't see a PTO driving the pump and I didn't easily notice a wire harness.

Is your 60gal actually PTO driven or just 3pt?
Looks like both sprayers are using PTO pumps. You can see the hoses down by the lift arms on Tim's and the Bestway pump can be seen here:

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