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What is up with the John Deere 3pt sprayers?

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I was looking into getting a larger version of my 60 gallon JD 3pt PTO boom sprayer.
I have the same one Tim (TTWT) has only mine does not have the fancy foaming option.
Seen here in Tim's video.

I was watching a video on a 110 gallon version and can't find it on the Deere website.

I am only Finding the Frontier versions now.

That one pictured I can see a blue pump, which would mean it's not the silver series like the one that came on my 60-gallon Deere sprayer.
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My dealer is recommending the Bestway sprayers over the Frontier.
They look pretty nice.
I can get the silver pump and all sort of option on booms and nozzles.
Head is spinning there is so many choices.

Anyone know anything about Bestway sprayers.
The Good the Bad the Ugly .lol

I think I am going to be shooting for a 150 gallon.

3 Point Hitch Sprayer | Best Way AG

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Yes, we both have the same model Deere 60 gal PTO driven sprayer.

The150 Gal sprayer I am interested in are also all PTO driven.

Also only looking at brands offering a silver cast premium pump option.

Bestway does offer multiple silver cast pump options.
My biggest concern would be a pump with a good record of reliability and also which has a good supply of service parts and ideally available from multiple sources and not just through Deere, as most of the sprayer's other parts are "uniform" (as far as nozzles, lines, valves, etc.) and can be picked up at many places........
This video goes over some good info on what to look for.
One of the main reasons I am only looking at Silver cast pumps.
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Well, I think I came to conclusion.
Just got off the phone with my Deere dealer.
My dealer talked me into letting him have Bestway do a custom build for me.
150 gal capacity with the 15 foot breakaway booms, T Nozzels, silver cast pump.
Hose real premium spray handle, pretty much on par component quality wise I think with my 60 gallon Deere, only with a much larger 150 gallon tank and 3 foot wider boom.
Should look pretty similar to this only not boomless mine will have a 15ft boom, and not with the cheaper cast pump seen in this pic.
Skid runner style Deere green base, Cat 1 and 2 combo hitch setups, which is good for me since I have a mix of the two hitches and attachments. Always nice to have a quick hitch compatible hitch capable of both Cat 1 and Cat2.

I spoke with Superior tech or now Agri-fab owned this morning about the Deere branded sprayers like my 60 gallon.
As well as the Frontier models now seen on the Deere website. They were about as confused as my Deere Dealer is about what is going on with these sprayers. Some models caried over after Agri-Fab bought Superior tech, others didn't.

The Agri-fab website does not show any PTO sprayers, but that website info has not been a priority. They do still have PTO sprayers. The Frontier models are currently built by them, the LS20 models are theirs and seem pretty similar maybe the same thing Superior tech was selling to Deere labeled as Deere products 2021 and prior.
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Here is spec on the pump, that I ordered on the new Sprayer.

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I stopped by my Oklahoma Deere dealer and looked over the best way sprayers in person this afternoon I snapped a few pics while I was at it.
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