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What is your trick to greaseing U-joints or other items that will not accept grease?

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This weekend I had 20 minutes to try to get my jeep greased up and started to be put away for the season. I have a dual cardigan (sp) drive shaft on the rear and one of the two u joints but the transfer case would not accept grease. First I removed the little reverse nipples meant to accept a grease needle. I screwed in new zerks, but I could not get grease in.

So I went for a ride and got it warm, then tried, no luck.

I was thinking of a small propane torch to heat it up, but I fear melting the rubber seals.

My tractor u joints always take grease......

So what other tricks do you use to get grease into places that need it.
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Going eazy with a heat gun may break it loose without runining the seals or maybe carfully rattle the u-joint with your air hammer.
If you go the heat route, I vote for a heat gun over a propane torch. Open flames around vehicles makes me nervous, especially if it can be avoided.
I've had good luck using a grease needle on alemites (sp) that wouldn't take grease the regular way but it didn't work in your case. The only other thing I could suggest is a PVC pipe heater. It looks and operates like a hair dryer but at a much higher wattage. Electricians use it to "bend" PVC conduit by heating the pipe and shaping it to the "bend" needed. The heat would be less than a torch and safer also to use on your vehicle.
Good luck.
Sort of related. I needed a 45 degree grease fitting. Auto parts place is closest and more cost effective to just get an assortment pack instead of drive to deere dealer or other place. When I started to use the straight fittings in the pack it turned out brand new stuck in the grease gun the grease would go around not through. I suggest doing like that to see if it is the economy import fitting or a clog in the passage. I think trying to get a clog out with a drill (the bit as sometimes called) held by hand instead of forcing the crud in.

Go to alimites site and look for their zerk cleaner, picked one up with my grease gun at the NFMS and use it all the time.
339841 Heavy-Duty Zerk-Mate to unclog fittings 1.5 lb NA
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