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What we did in our shop today!

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So, What Did You DO In Your Shop Today??

OK, for me mowing and gardening season is over,,, I get to spend some QUALITY time in the shop.

Those projects that have been nagging me were left on the back burner because the weather was so nice.
My propane heaters are set up,,, I am ready to start some projects.

A couple weeks ago, I needed to drill some larger holes, so I finally ran power to the drill press.

Today, I ran power to the Jet 9x16 saw,, IT IS ALIVE!! :thumbup1gif:
I really missed the Jet saw, I have been making do with a Milwaukee Porta-Band.

So,,, what did you do in the shop,,, Today,,, ? :dunno:
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Worked on building a rolling cedar table for the Big Green Egg (the other green machine 😃 ). Still need to finish a little trim work, sand, stain and build the top. I'll probably line the center part with tile so the whole works doesn't catch on fire. I also need to get some lights wired up on the inside and maybe some accent lights around the outside.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays -

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WOW! That's gonna be a nice set-up when complete.
The last couple times I was welding I kept having an issue with pin holes sporadically. I kept thinking it was something with cleanliness but sometimes I could turn up the gas and get back to normal. Tonight I was out there looking for something to do so pulled off the nozzle and noticed 3 of the 4 holes that feed the nozzle were mostly clogged. Probably because I usually give a shot of anti spatter spray in the nozzle before I start. It makes the nozzle easier to clean and they last a long time. Obviously it runs down and clogs them. I put a finger cot over the end (I still have some from the drill press incident of 2018). It would blow up a little but not much. I took the gun part and found over the years the clamp was all the way tight that seals it but the rubber tube had shrunk away. I put a couple wraps of splicing tape around it so the clamp would tighten again and the sealed the end up with it. The other end was still tight but I still did the same thing so the same thing doesn’t happen next week there. Success. The finger cot will blow up and take about 25 seconds to go down. I can once again feel the breeze out the end.

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Got my coat rack made from pine logs and railroad spikes done this morning. This is going to probably end up in my work office.

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Looks great. The hooks should hold, I think.
Was out in the shop at 6 this morning put’n ye ole snowplow on, we had a bit of a snow storm yesterday afternoon and last night! Second picture is the finished job, I had to clean the porch after I took that pic, didn’t realize I had that to do till I took the picture!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Lift kit for a log splitter? :laugh: Helping a buddy with his Timberwolf, adding a swivel caster under the back and moving the fixed axle forward. He pulls it through his wood lot and is tired of having to fight with the support stand under the splitting area so we’re replacing it with a wheel. Doing so means having to lift the whole machine for clearance, but that actually puts the machine at a more comfortable working height. We spent a lot of time “field engineering” how this was going to go and modifying an old swivel wheel off of a self propelled swather, but it’s about 80% done if I had to guess. Might finish it Saturday.

Progress. The swiveling wheel assembly has been fabricated and installed, the new fixed axle assembly is next.
Nothing fancy, just added a pair of 3/8” weld on hooks to the 3 point receiver hitch. Got tired of having to fiddle with chain anchoring.

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Changed the oil in my 2032r today. I really need to get the oil wrench for this size oil filter. Couldn't get a strap wrench on it so channel lock murder it was. Never the less it's done.

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This is the filter wrench you need. It is the only one I have found that I can depend on. Had too many like yours in the past.


Changed the oil in my 2032r today. I really need to get the oil wrench for this size oil filter. Couldn't get a strap wrench on it so channel lock murder it was. Never the less it's done.

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View attachment 768947
Here is the wrench I've used for the past 20+ yrs
Thanks. Just ordered it. I had one like the black one in the photo but it was mangled on the first use. I like the idea of them and the one you posted looks a little heavier duty.
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This is the filter wrench you need. It is the only one I have found that I can depend on. Had too many like yours in the past.
This is the style I've switched to. They work great to bite the filter but man are they a pain to get open and hold open when trying to get on the filter. Usually I'm in a spot where I can only use one hand and I just don't have enough fingers to make things work. Once it's on though it's golden.

Here is the wrench I've used for the past 20+ yrs View attachment 769025
Been thinking I needed a diff lock pedal for a while... knowing I have all the bits I needed.
Also been on vacation...bored out of my mind... and haven't touched my MIG or grinder for a while.
Then... read about 3d printed pedals... thought about building a printer then printing one... but wanted metal.
Too cheap to buy anything I can make, and love making stuff...







Not only today but for the past couple of weeks, been building a wooden train. Our minister started this apx 25 yrs ago and he dropped off a lot of parts . I've used a few of them and finished the open top gondolas that he had started.
I have the engine

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I have a box car, another open top , the locomotive finished just needs the wheels and coverings for the wheels .
Just started the final one the caboose hope to have it finished tomorrow or the first of the week.
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Shop is closed as of today except for routine maintenance as needed. 4 years after I built it we had a graduation party, then 4 years later another for the youngest. It in June it will be 7 years from that one and my wife wants to have something in it in June. So every few years it is her shop for a short time. It gives me a change to clean it up and realize that fab work can sure be dirty work. Using the sprayer as my water supply the last couple times it was not quite so filthy but this time it I needed to get out the big guns. I love the steel siding for washing but doing the ceiling still stinks.

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We will see how much of these piece of steel I think I really need. I remember putting some of them back on the shelf the first time.
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