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What's your favorite web automotive tool websites

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Just curious, what's your favorite web tool accounts? Mine are Amazon and, most times they have what I want and do me the best on prices, both offer free shipping after you spend so much. Thetoolwarehouse has faster shipping, allot faster than Amazon's free shipping.
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I know there are a few Canucks on here, so I'll post a link to KMSTools. Great company to deal with here in Canada:
Good if you're American, I'm not. Amazon ships via courier to Canada (if they even will ship sometimes they won't). Canucks get dinged big time by couriers, up to 30% of the cost of the item. Also, we have, but not near as many products as the main Amazon, but it's getting better.

Dell I just bought a 3/8 IR 107 XPA 3/8 air ratchet for 59.20 and a 1/4" IR 105D2 air ratchet for 91.99 from Amazon, they have a half price sale going on right now on some of their air tools.
No doubt, Costco is a prime example, they gobble up existing stock at a discount when a new model is just about to be released....

Not so sure about the more money bit. Taxes gobble up a good amount of that due to our universal health care. I make $2307 every two weeks, and clear a shade over $1300. Course a lot of it is union dues, medical plan, income tax, yada, yada, yada.

I think the half price thingy is a way for Amazon to clear out their existing stock, more than likely IR has a newer model coming out..... but it does feel sOOOO good to come out on top once in a while. :lol:

I think you guys up there make more money than we do down here, all things have a way of evening out. :lol::lol::lol:
Thanks, much appreciated! :thumbup1gif:

Wife tells me the shaft extender arrived from Agri-Supply today, thanks for the help on that on too!:thumbup1gif: :thumbup1gif:

Dell if you ever see something you want at American Amazon (and it's worth your while) buy it and send to me, I'll be glad to ship it USPS to you the same day I get it.
No prob, dropped off at CanadaPost at 10 AM... Should have it in a week or so.

You are welcome Dell, glad to have been of help, and a big thanks to you for sending the CD...:good2:
Yup, done a couple over the years.... Wonder what we all did before the internent? I vaguely remember checking out libraries back in the 70's for repair manuals...

Thanks dell, I'm egger to tear into this Ford. :good2:

Changed the key switch cylinder in it today before I dropped it off at the tire store to have it's oil and fuel filter changed and tires rotated.

It was a simple process, only takes a 1/8" flat tip punch to slip into a hole in the column beneath the key cylinder and put the old and new switch in run position is all you do.
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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