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When your tractor battery can't take anymore it...

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Blows up after overheating itself:


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Did you run acrossed that in you repair business? Speaking of is that going? I imagine a decent mechanic can make a good living nowadays since more people are hanging on to their equipment rather than buying new.

I have seen a lot of batteries like that in communication huts/shelters/CEV's, it's not a pretty site and costly to clean up for use since used batteries are hazardous waste.
I've always feared a battery explosion when jumping my cars and trucks. The thought of being hit with battery acid is like from a Hitchcock movie... The SIL had one explode on him one morning while going to work... evidently he never got all the acid off because he had a rusting problem inside the engine compartment for a time after it happened...

Thanks for the photo BigDogTrain, It will make me even more cautious. :thumbup1gif:
That reminds me of when my '83 S-10's battery exploded on the way to work one morning. It sounded like a blowout. For some crazy reason the silly thing worked well enough for 2 - 3 days afterwards until I could drive the POS truck to Monkey Ward's for a new battery. It took the MW monkey 2 - 3 hours to chip out the old battery to put in the new one.

However; the truck's electrical system was never the same afterwards.
Kenny, I seen this at the dealership while getting parts. Thankfully it did not happen to me or anything I work on. It was an eye opener though.

Business is not steller, but ok. Its hard being a younger lad and trying to start from scratch. Even harder trying to keep up with all the new models.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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