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Are you absolutely sure the DW717 has been discontinued? Dewalt is still advertising it on their site. Everyone is just out of them.

I had the exact same issue with a DW735X planer a few weeks ago. No one had any. Dewalt's supply line from China is held up with the shipping backlog off the coast of CA. After 3 weeks of no one having any there was a sudden surge in supply and they are now in stock again in a few places.

That said, I have an old Craftsman 10" sliding compound saw that is now my "beater" saw. For most projects I use a Hitachi 12" and love it. I know several guys that have Bosch 12" units and swear by them as well.
My Craftsman 10 inch sliding compound saw has served me just fine for something like 15 years. It gets used more than any other saw if I am working with wood. It was my main saw recently when I built a handicap ramp. Some of my cuts had to be cut on two angles, so it came in real handy. I am not that good with this stuff, so I would usually take a scrap piece and get it cut to fit like I wanted it and then do the same with a good piece.

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