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Which SCV for Grapple Diverter

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I'm curious which loader function guys are using with a diverter for a grapple and the thought process behind that choice.

For example, if it's set on the lift/lower function do you have the open on the lift side or the lower side? Same question with the curl. Seems no matter how I set it up I'm having to move the joystick to the opposite side to get the function I need. If I release or engage the switch too soon I get bucket movement that isn't helpful. I've had this setup for about three years but don't use it that often so maybe I'm just not getting the feel for it yet.

I mainly use it for brush and other light stuff.
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I'd say 99% of all "diverter" installations on loaders are done on the dump/curl circuit, that is the "norm".

Usually the "dump" or right joystick operation opens the grapple, and the curl/left closes it.
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