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Which snow blower model for x534?

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I see there are two models of snow blowers that will fit the x534 a 44in and 47in. Does anyone have experience with either of these blowers on a x500 series tractor? The 47in is a little more expensive but not enough to rule it out. Looking for some pros and cons for each model. The 534 has a hydraulic lift and AWS. Not sure if it matters.
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i would go with the 47.

-you have a wider swath
-you can turn without your tires packing down snow
-the 47 imo is better build (the 44" is also the same as what the x300 models use)
-you have the hp. to run the bigger one so why not
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I would also go with the 47 it's heavier built.
Is the 44" a 2-stage blower? I know the 47" is...
Thanks for the input. I think I will go for the 47in. Good question about the two stage on the 44in. I assumed it was but we all know what happens when you assume. I will have to take another look when I get to the Dealer.
they are both 2 stage...
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