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who makes john deere sprayers

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I found on here a company name that made the sprayers for john deere, cant for the life of me find that post again.

also anybody know a more reasonable priced 3pt sprayer?? i really dont need 40-50 plus gallons....... smaller 25-30 gallon would be nice!!

thanks in advance
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My JD dealer wouldn't sell me a Deere sprayer, they sold me a Demco. And I really like it. :thumbup1gif: Sorry, don't know who makes the Deere units.
OK, maybe I over stated it just a weeeee bit. They steered me to the Demco and did not recommend the Deere. You should know by now not to take me to literal. :mocking:
what was their reasoning?
He just said they were better quality. And that I probably wouldn't as happy with the Deere units. I think they had issues with the Deere ones and took up the Demco line.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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