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Why a 1026r and not BX2660?

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G'day all.... Posting from Australia.
I was all set to buy a Kubota BX2660, but found out about the 1026r. Not yet in Australia but due next week. I have a JD ride on, which I love.. So have decided to wait and look at the new JD.
Need to run a slasher, stick rake and front bucket.
I'm told leg room is smaller than the BX, and no self leveling loader on JD.
Any help would be great, mind you the 1026r look bloody good

Thanks, Murray
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The BX does not have a self leveling loader, you got move up quite a bit on the food chain to get features like that. The two biggest advantages that the 1026r has over the BX is proper transmission cooler instead of a fans blowing air on the transmission fins and position control. If you going to be cutting in heavy brush, the BX fans are located underneath and are very vulnerable and quite expensive to replace. The Deere has a proper radiator like a automotive transmission cooler. Position control is the lever that controls the three point hitch, as you move the lever the 3PH moves accordingly, the BX has a quarter-inching value which is more like an up/down switch. Position control allows you to raise the 3PH and very quickly return back to the previous position with a preset stop. Whereas quarter-inching you have to raise it and then fiddle with the level until you get it back to the desired level.

Deere has really raised the bar for Kubota, I would go with the Deere, but since I have 2520, I would recommend that you take look at that too. It is a lot more tractor for not too much more cash.
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BethesdaEC had a much more detailed reason that I was gonna post.....I picked the Deere cause the Kubota didn't come in green! :tongue:
Orange is such a bad color (sorry Kubota guys) for a tractor. I have 9 acres (3.3 hectares for our Aussie) and I feel that the tractor is much more at peace with the property. After I picked my tractor, my wife agreed that the JD was better because she liked the color.
You guys all covered the bases pretty well, I can only add one thing: The JD has Quick-Attach (JDQA if you search) setup on the loader to remove the bucket easily so you can quickly attatch this like forks, the Kubota has a pin-on bucket.

And I know its a personal thing, but I cannot stand the rocker/boomerang type pedal on the Kubota's, I much prefer the twin pedal's of the Deere's
I think a quick attach bucket is available on the B series, but if it isn't available on the BX that would be a deal breaker. I use the pallet forks as much as the bucket, they are great for moving logs. If you don't get them out the gate, you will want them down the road and you need a quick attach for them to be useful.
Gee, thanks so much for the Information and feedback, you guys are great!
Well, I'm hoping the JD will be available to look at by Tuesday... Yeah, self leveling loaders will be mandatory from Feb next year in Australia.
Don't suppose anyone has an aerial shot of the 1026r? Trying to compare controls and leg room to the Bx
Again, thanks you've been cracker jack. I will let you know what I get and when

Is the self leveling loader some sort of government regulation? And I thought our nanny state was bad. The self leveling loaders start at 4000 series tractor with the 400CX loader, it does add weight with the extra linkages which in not something you want with a small tractor since that will reduce your limited lifting capacity. In the Kubota line you need to move up to the Deluxe M-Series to get self leveling. If there is some government regulation requiring it, I suspect that the smallest tractors would be excluded since they don't have the excess capacity for lifting.

I just checked the Australian website, the BX loader does not have self leveling.

What part of Australia are you from? I lived in Alice Springs for 5 years.
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