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Why a 1026r and not BX2660?

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G'day all.... Posting from Australia.
I was all set to buy a Kubota BX2660, but found out about the 1026r. Not yet in Australia but due next week. I have a JD ride on, which I love.. So have decided to wait and look at the new JD.
Need to run a slasher, stick rake and front bucket.
I'm told leg room is smaller than the BX, and no self leveling loader on JD.
Any help would be great, mind you the 1026r look bloody good

Thanks, Murray
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You guys all covered the bases pretty well, I can only add one thing: The JD has Quick-Attach (JDQA if you search) setup on the loader to remove the bucket easily so you can quickly attatch this like forks, the Kubota has a pin-on bucket.

And I know its a personal thing, but I cannot stand the rocker/boomerang type pedal on the Kubota's, I much prefer the twin pedal's of the Deere's
Don't suppose anyone has an aerial shot of the 1026r? Trying to compare controls and leg room to the Bx
There is one in this article:
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Ok, one last question if you don't mind, as I'm yet to see the 1206r, and I don't want to keep driving you guys nuts with them.... You've been brilliant.

I'm looking at an aerial view of the BX 2660 and the JD 1206.... It looks like the JD doesn't have as many that right? Is the JD missing anything?

I have enclosed the two web links, as my iPad won't let me upload photos directly...

Thanks again

Here is what I see/know

The Kubota has the brakes on the right side with the HST controls, the Deere has the brake on the left.

The joystick for the FEL on the Kubota is up on the loader mast, appears very uncomfortable to use for long periods of time.

Both have a Range lever
Both have a 3PH control lever (Can't see it well on the JD in the picture)
Both have Cruise Control (Can't see that either that well)
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