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Wood Shed Relocation

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Found out the other day that dad was planning on tearing down an old shed that he had build about 40 years ago. So being the hoarder that I am, I called and told him that I'd be over to pick it up! I am currently finishing up insulating my "temporary" 24x30 shop. The 40x40 shop build is starting next month. The temporary shop will be maintained with a hot dawg heater but I am also putting in a woodstove being that there is a perfectly good chimney already in that building. I am sure I will wind up with a woodstove in the new shop also. So I have been bringing home trailer loads of logs all spring and stockpiling them so I can start splitting this summer. Where do I put the split wood? In the new to me wood shed! Only problem was dad lives 200 miles away. Loaded up Friday night and headed over. I have a 12,000 lb winch that I mounted on the trailer a few years ago that I figured I would use to pull it up. Thankfully I brought the 1025r just incase. Boy, getting the shed to camber over center at the top of the deck was not fun. But the 1025r was able to tip it over and push it the rest of the way on. Glad I brought it! Took of at 5am on Sunday and glad I did. Very little traffic whatsoever and the wind had not yet picked up. Unloading was much easier. I was able to get a friend to come over with his payloader and pallet forks. Just picked her up and set her down in place. Now next time anyone of my buddies needs a good whooping, I can take em out back the woodshed!
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Nice! 馃憤

I especially like the stacks in the bed of your truck.馃槑
馃槩 That makes me sad. Ya I know it sucks to get old. 馃槖
I put those stacks on back in 07. However I can definitely tell I'm getting older. Last fall I took the 37" tires off and the 6" lift out that it's had since 09 and even put a muffler under it!
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