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Woodmaxx Chipper

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Does anyone have any experience with the Woodmaxx WM-8H? It's an 8 inch hydraulic feed PTO chipper sold by company in upstate NY. To my eye, it looks like a Jinma chipper with a number of modifications. I used to have a Jinma and I really disliked it but this has a host of modifications that fixes a lot of the problems. The hydraulic model, in particular, is half the cost of a similar Wallenstein.
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I have to say I like this chipper and its features and what it can do. I like the hydraulic feed. It is like a professional chipper that tree guys use. I have looked at a lot of chippers and I'm impressed. I want to get one at some point and I am convinced that this is the one I would like to get. The price is impressive for what you get. it is nice that you do not have to remove the branches etc and it just feeds right in.

The reviews were all very positive and then it is free shipping to the lower 48 states.

Buy the way here is the link to the site for any who would want to take a look.

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I spoke with the Woodmaxx sellers/owners and they seemed to have designed a series of improvements to a Jinma which led to a basically new chipper. It's made in China to their design. They do some assembly in the US and replace various parts (belts, blades). They claim that the Woodmaxx sells so quickly that each shipment is sold before they arrive. There is another chipper out there called the Oxxn that's a copy of the Woodmaxx. I guess the same company in China churns them out. The Liberty chipper is another "improved" Jinma that's sold out there.

My preference would be to pick up a used Salsco or Wallenstein but the Woodmaxx is very tempting. I have read some positive stuff on TBN about it.
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I see your point about it being made in China. Of course my 300CX FEL on my 990 is made in China as well. I have found that typically the quality of things made in China is not the best but there are some things that do have good quality even though they have been made in China. I guess it really depends on the company who is making them and what type of quality they are going to demand from the Chinese company who makes them. Apple is good at that. I am assuming the JD is regarding the 300CX FEL

Which model of the Salsco were you looking at trying to find, the 627Xt or the 826 or were you looking at the 6210XT or the 810 with the self contained hydraulics? I looked at the 824 and really liked this machine of course it is only set for 4". The list on that is $7079 and if you were to add the speed sensing it is an additional $944. Obviously I am sure there is some room to move on these but the price is over 2 times as much of the Woodmax. And when you buy used you don't know how it has been used. The ideal would be to find someone who has hardly used and get it for the price of the Woodmax! The list on the Salsco 826 is $9442 and the price on the 627XT is $6247.

I agree that the Woodmax is very tempting. As I said in my previous post I want to get a chipper and the price here for what you get is impressive. I can see why their stock runs out after each shipment. I also like that the Woodmax has a double roller on the hydraulic feed. That is very good.

My desire would be for the Salsco 4" for its reputation etc but again I really like the Woodmax. I don't know how long the Woodmax has been out but it would be good to talk with someone who has had one for a couple of years to see how it has been holding up.

I am not going to buy right now because I have too many other things that have to be done. but I am tempted because I have some pretty tall piles of brush that I need to get rid of and you can't burn in NJ. If I could burn I would not even be thinking about a chipper.

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I agree that the Oxxyn looks the same as the Woodmax apart from the fact it has 4 legs on skids instead of just 4 legs and the Woodmax people seem to replace the chinese blades with American steel if I am understanding them correctly.
I am looking at a 6 inch chipper so the Salsco 627, Wallenstein BX62, Patu DC 65, etc. The pricing for Salsco with hydraulics is outside of my budget so I would be comparing a used/new gravity feed 627 to the Woodmaxx. I have to say I have found it fairly hard to find any kind of a used model and even then, the pricing is no bargain given the risks of used machinery. That said, there's almost nothing in a Salsco that can go wrong - it's a very basic machine.

The Woodmaxx has no real history - they've only been built for 2 years. The design also seems to be changing also. The newer models will have adjustable legs, older models had a different feed roller design.

My main concerns with a Woodmaxx is that it's based on a Jinma - I used to own a Jinma and I hated it. It would chip but it was riddled with design flaws that made it very irritating to use. Woodmaxx has corrected the top 5 things I disliked about it but I am still concerned about fundamentally poor engineering. I can't understand how their hydraulics are so cheap either. A retro-fit kit for a Salsco 627 costs $3k and it needs power beyond to work. A Woodmaxx includes a tank, pump and motor for little more than $500 over the mechanical model. At that price level, you're not getting Eaton/Parker hydraulics, just some off brand Chinese stuff.
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I have a BX42 and I love it. I can only assume that the BX62 model is the same just with a larger capacity (and more HP needed). It's simple, and powerful, and feeds automatically without any separate mechanical or hydraulic feed mechanisms. The angle of the feed chute to the blades causes a self feeding mechanism via the cutting force. It has never let me down. the only time it doesn't auto feed is when there is a wide "Y" branch that jams a bit in the chute. I good nudge and in it goes. Once past the split, the rest feeds itself.

They do have hydraulic feed versions as well, but as a homeowner, not a landscape contractor, I don't feel it's needed and the self feed works fine.

I run it on a 1026R and could use a little more HP, and so would the 6" model, but if you are worried about quality with the other brands, this thing is made well. I believe they are built in Canada.
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Huge thumbs up for the Canadian-made Wallenstein! It is terrific (I have the BX42). The only problem once in a while is that it clogs up with wet green leaves. And that is my fault not the equipment's...
It looks like I will probably pick up a used Salsco. There's very little that can go wrong with them and I think they are a little beefier than the competitor machines, plus it's US made rather than Finland or Canada. The design of the Salsco looks to be almost exactly the same as a Wallenstein or Valby so I expect the performance to be the same. I'll report with a few photos when I pick it up.
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plus it's US made rather than Finland or Canada.
Let me get this straight. You equate made in Canada with made in Finland? Really?

I don't want to highjack the thread, but I must say that I don't agree with your apparent world view...
Not sure I understand your point - all things being equal and if I'm based in the US, my preference would be for a manufacturer that's in the US (and less than 100 miles away, as it happens). If I was based in Canada, I might prefer a Wallenstein. Both Wallenstein (Canada) and Valby (Finland) make very fine forestry equipment.
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Here's a photo of the Salsco 627PTO on the back of the tractor. Moved the tires out a bit also as the lower links needed to be spread out.

Tractor Agricultural machinery Vehicle Soil Outdoor power equipment
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So this one is just a gravity feed model from Salsco? Have you tried it out and how do you like it? I would love to see a video of you using it.
Its hard for me to see any detail on my cell phone,but is this a new one? It looks like a hoss! Let us know how you like it! Do you know what the 4' and 6" sells for new?
Thanks for pic! looks like your rear tires need to be flip flopped as they are on backwards....unless my cell phone is playing tricks on me .
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You're right about the tires - I did not notice that. You have eagle eyes! I will have to flip them and swap sides to get the tread pointing in the right direction. I believe that will leave me with the same spacing.

It's a used model - probably 4 years old. The newer model has a removable feed funnel but, other than that, they are the same. It's a gravity feed - I didn't find a used hydraulic model around and the new was out of the budget. I didn't have the courage to try out a Woodmaxx!

I don't know what the 4" goes for but the 6" is about $3800 from Salsco. Spare knives are about $300 and the hydraulic conversion is another $2900.

It works well, it's very heavy duty. The draw from the flywheel is fairly similar to what a mechanical feed roller puts out. The maintenance parts are easy to reach. The whole top cover flips out to reveal the flywheel. I think compared to the BX62s, it's got a heavier flywheel and requires slightly less hp to run - I can't really see any other differences.
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