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WTB #7 Backhoe for my John Deere 750

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I'm looking for a #7 backhoe. Ideally it would come with the mounts for a 750. Thanks. I live in the Northwest, but would be willing to pay shipping if needed.
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IMO, it's going to be a hard find.
Thanks Gizmo2. The tractor is new to me, and so is the implement search. the #7 backhoe was what i found from research. Are there other options you are aware of for a 750?
There may be aftermarket units available but I don't know off any.
IMO, the #7 was a really good backhoe. I had one on our JD 650 for some 20 years.
You may find it to be more cost effective to buy a newer tractor with a BH and sell your 750.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts