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X300 hood

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My older style x300 (2008) needs a new hood assembly. I found a used one on ebay local to me but appears to be the new style hood assembly. Does anyone know if it would the older models. Thanks!
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The hood styles go by serial number not model years. The old and new X300 hoods are completely different as are the mounting brackets as shown below. S/N 280000 is the break point.

Awesome that clears it up. New style wont work for me. Thanks!
Maybe try here...

I need everything and its not cost effective. I found a used assembly that includes everything I need. Trying to set up a pick up time for it. Thank you for the suggestion though Ill keep that in mind for the future!
Flip doesn’t have x300/500 series hoods, and has no plans to add them.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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